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Beautiful and affordable websites

At Sequence Interactive, we firmly believe you should not have to learn how to write code in order to get what you need out of a website. Our goal is to simplify this process by offering your business a great web platform that showcases what you do best.

Learn how Sequence Interactive can help your business; reach new customers, connect with existing customers and sell your products or services online. All this starting at a low price of 25$ per month.

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Ultra Fast

5 seconds of patience

Our content is cached, minified and g-zip. We fine tune the compression ratio of every image, ensuring quality and offering your customers the fastest web experience every time.

Our websites have a 1.3 seconds load-time, on average. That is 83% faster than most website tested.

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Responsive Design

Every phone, tablet, and computer

With the growth of mobile browsing, it is important that your website's content is organized to fit perfectly on every screen. Our websites are optimised to deliver the best experience to all devices.

Responsive Website
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Top Level Security

Top priority

All our websites are built with security in mind. Whether a client purchases something on your site or simply fills up a quick form, all our data is encrypted and transferred safely.

Secure Checkout
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Always Up-to-Date

Seamless improvement

We constantly update our platforms with the latest web standards. These updates are done automatically to your website consequently ensuring your content is safe and relevant.

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New Technologies

Progress brings enhancement

We stride for constant improvement. That is why our team is always looking for new technologies to improve our platforms, therefore providing you and your clients with the best experience!

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Google and
Facebook Ready

Help customers find you

We closely follow Google and other search engine guidelines to maximize the amount of customers that are looking for your products and services.

Our platforms are built to be shared. This helps you connect with your clients via Facebook and other social medias in fun and interactive ways.

Optimised for Google and Facebook
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Get a Free Domain

Your business, your name

Get a free .ca or .com domain registered when you purchase our website platform.

Your Custom Domain Name
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Fully Animated

Emphasizes attention

Our websites are animated in such a way to enhance the user’s experience, consequently improving the user’s navigation and processing of information throughout.

Animation Example
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Professional Fonts

Elegant all around

The right font use is a key element of a great website as it promotes readability and understanding of information which is the underlying purpose of a client’s visit.

beautiful fonts
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On The Way

Features in development

We will be implementing CMS functionalities on our platforms. This will allow our users to bring modifications across their website.

Web-based push notification feature for mobile devices enables you to instantly update your customers.

Notification for Website
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Join our awesome team

We are looking for talented young writers, designers, developers and computer savvy's! If you think you have what it takes to join our ranks, send your resume to

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